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Conferences come and go, but learning never stops. At KidsLoop, we’ve brought together some of the brightest minds, so that you can keep in the loop of the future.

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Join us for a series of lectures hosted by KidsLoop on Education For
Tomorrow. It’s completely free for anyone to join and all recordings of past
events can be found here, so you’ll never miss a thing.

Shayan Doroudi

When Simple Algorithms Might Be Useful and Equitable

Manolis Mavrikis

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Yannis Dimitriadis

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Davinia Hernández-Leo

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Come talk

If you’re a leader in education technology and would like to contribute to our talks series, we’d love to hear from you. We welcome academics, researchers and data experts to present the future of education technology and openly take questions

The talks are estimated to be 40-45 minutes long, and they are recorded and made publicly available via our website. For anyone wishing to take part, please email Niall Twomey for more information.