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“Normally, I have to do a lot of tasks while preparing my lesson plans and during my teaching. However, thanks to the systematization in the KidsLoop platform, those tasks were integrated into one program supporting my work effectively. Using KidsLoop, I can also create my own expected lessons and work, which attracts my students more.”

Mr. Dat Teacher / Angel’s Garden School, Vietnam

“Currently our teachers are using and leveraging the materials from the KidsLoop platform and the Badanamu English program. We’ve found that our students are very interested in the lessons, games, songs, and learning materials from [Badanamu and KidsLoop], which makes them become more interested in English and look forward to learning English every day.”

Dao Thi Nhu Quynh CEO / Angel’s Garden School, Vietnam

“Enabling technology to support young children learn joyfully and effectively is the need of the hour. For an organisation like Chrysalis, which focuses on the whole child development, this becomes even more important. Our search for such technology ended happily with KidsLoop, a truly pioneering platform that is a gift to every child. We are truly excited to have found a partner in KidsLoop that will enable our dream for the child to become a reality.”

Chitra Ravi CEO / Chrysalis, India

“This Is a truly rich platform, one of which I have never seen. And I am proud that from now on I could be an ambassador of KidsLoop to bring the essence values of KidsLoop to my dear students.”

Dinh Thi Thu / NCE, Vietnam

“Thank you to the KidsLoop team for helping us successfully launch a virtual preschool on the same day all the way from Hong Kong in the east to the USA in the west.”

Pallavi Nirula Nath Global COO & CEO Asia / Kido, Global

“With the help of the Daegu City Educational Department we were able to implement KidsLoop to increase the learning capabilities of our students. Not only that, we were able to create a platform where schools and parents can communicate with each other through remote sessions. We are greatly pleased to be operating a future-facing educational system where learning can happen anytime, anywhere.”

Min-sook Kim, Principal / Samyook Elementary School, Daegu, Korea

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