KidsLoop appoints new management team for growth

KidsLoop and its shareholders are pleased to announce an agreed restructuring for the company to allow it to focus on its core platform and IP going forward. As a result, the group has appointed a new management team to take the business forward. New CEO, Mark Law says “I am extremely excited to be able […]

KidsLoop IP “Badanamu” Now on Netflix

Delivering fun edutainment content to children all over the world November 23, 2021 – Global Edtech company KidsLoop’s educational content, “Badanamu ” will soon be streaming on Netflix. Badanamu content will go live on Netflix this coming December and will be available to stream in over 190 countries all around the world. A total of […]

Transform the Future Education Environment by Leveraging Data, a “DNA for  Education”

Transform the Future Education Environment by Leveraging Data, a “DNA for  Education” Written by KidsLoop CTO Robert Hardman Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the traditional concept of education is now required to undergo overwhelming change. The role of public education has transitioned to online education and students have no choice but to increase self-directed learning […]

Prerequisites for EdTech Platforms to Usher in the Future of Education

Prerequisites for EdTech Platforms to Usher in the Future of Education Written by KidsLoop CEO David Roberts for The Electronic Times (Korea) Korean translated version can be found here. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many educational institutions are actively embracing EdTech solutions and are undergoing a digital transformation. This change is accelerating the growth of […]

Badanamu Reaches 3 Million YouTube Subscribers

Badanamu Reaches 3 Million YouTube Subscribers  KidsLoop’s content brand, Badanamu, reached 3 million subscribers on YouTube yesterday. Through YouTube, video streaming services, and educational programs, Badanamu has gained the love and support of children all over the world. The Badanamu brand is the basis for the ESL and STEAM curricula available on the KidsLoop platform […]

KidsLoop at the 2021 APEAC in China

KidsLoop at the 2021 APEAC in China KidsLoop made its debut at the Asian Preschool Education Annual Conference (APEAC) last week. APEAC is sponsored by the Preschool Education Professional Committee of the China Private Education Association, and it is one of the largest preschool education events in Asia with more than 15,000 participants each year. […]

KidsLoop – CV.ANY Partnership

KidsLoop – CV. ANY Partnership  As part of our mission in supporting schools and students for remote and asynchronous learning in Indonesia, KidsLoop has partnered with CV. ANY (CV Abi Natha Yana), a distributor that specifically collaborates with the government within Bali, East Java, and Central Java districts. Fostering partnerships between the education stakeholders, from […]

Launch of KidsLoop Pakistan

Launch of KidsLoop Pakistan Wednesday, March 31 marked the official launch event for KidsLoop Pakistan. This event hosted key speakers including David Roberts, CEO of KidsLoop, Idrees Abbasi, Secretary of planning and development at AJK, and Abdus Shakoor, President of the Alkhidmat Foundation. KidsLoop Pakistan will be working with various educational institutions to create, digitize, […]

KidsLoop-Jain Toddlers Alliance

KidsLoop-Jain Toddlers Alliance KidsLoop, a leading global EdTech company that aims to transform the education landscape with its adaptive learning methodologies, and its partner in India, Chrysalis, a leading educational research organization, are proud and excited to announce a ground-breaking alliance with Jain Toddlers – an international play school chain, part of the JGI Group […]