Forever Learning

We believe that every child has the right to a better education: an education that is personalized and provides a bespoke learning path, unique as every learner.

Student-led Learning Experiences

KidsLoop provides highly engaging, interactive learning materials to suit students of different abilities. Interactions with this content are sent to our platform in the cloud to recommend the next activity.

No One Child Is the Same

We learn from individual learners to accurately select classes and refine the best way for them to learn and succeed.

Accelerated Learning

Our platform accurately selects classes and refines the best way to help a child learn based on continuous assessment and feedback loop.


Intelligent algorithms recommend content to students and teachers based on previous activity and engagement.

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Insights That Matter

Visualize learners’ progress, adjust lessons, and assign supplemental exercises to fit their needs. Children, their parents, and teachers deserve the ability to look forward by using Continuous Comparative Assessment (CCA) to identify meaningful content, together with actionable reporting to provide the right help and encouragement.


Here are just some of the things you can expect from powerful data collection and machine learning to provide a personalized learning path for every learner.

Improving Learning Outcomes

Use detailed reports as a personalized learning GPS for every student to improve individual performance.


Track and evaluate student progress toward learning milestones and adapt your lessons accordingly.


Utilize score assessments to determine and mark the completion of Learning Outcomes to generate a graphical visualization of student progress.

Analytics & Reports​

Our data reporting provides key metrics for administrators, teachers, and parents. Learner tracking and analysis tools offer an in-depth look at students’ development, while measurable learning outcomes and milestones help you track your students’ progress.

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