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Classroom Usage

There are a variety of ways you can utilize KidsLoop’s capabilities in the classroom! Work together as a class with one shared screen, or have students break away for digital time and use devices to complete tasks in groups or individually.

Core Functionality

• A learner’s activity syncs via their KidsLoop account for assessments and diagnostics.

• Various hardware configurations can be used for in-class delivery including computers, tablets, and touch-screens.

• Collaborative and interactive activities drive learner engagement.

Blended Learning:

One way to use KidsLoop in a physical classroom

Learning in a physical space with a teacher and digital media

Digital Time: Have students engage with digital activities for supplemental and enrichment time and increase independent work.


Use materials from the content library to supplement learning during whole-class instruction. Students and teacher all work together on the same, large device.

Collaborative Time

Have students work in pairs or small groups. Students work together on tablets.

Individual Lab

Engage your entire class with individual tablets or computers. Students log in to their account to sync their in-class progress and inform reporting.

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